Monday, January 9, 2012

How Far Would YOU Go To Be A Best-Selling Author?

Someone comes up to you and asks:

"So.  You want to be a bestselling author, eh?  Oh--sorry, a Pulitzer winner?"

*Insert yourself here, nodding madly, salivating like a Rottweiler at an open cage of bunnies.

"Well," this mystery person says, "I can make that happen.  I just have a question for you.  How far are you willing to go to achieve that?"

Would you sacrifice your job?  Would you give up chocolate--or smoking?  Your family?  Ok, some families are worth giving up, I realize that.  But--would you?  How much--really--do you want this thing?

Would you kill for it?

If you answered an outraged NO! at the very first question, you can stop reading right here and go on your meek and merry way to whatever bland activities you have planned for yourself today.  Thank you, and good luck with that bestseller one day.

If you answered NO, but couldn't really muster up the outrage, and you're now not really reading anymore but considering exactly how sick your ambition really is, please take a hop over to Daily (W)rites, Damyanti's blog, to read my guest post there today.

Because that's exactly what I'm suggesting: murder your way to writing success.


  1. Awww... and here I had my knife out and ready until I clicked the link :(

    Nice guest-post!

  2. Lovely guest post, Guilie, many thanks!! It has inspired a post on my other blog (linked to this comment id), which will post in a few hours...would love your take on that! :)

  3. LOL, Ms. Monkey :D Damyanti, cannot begin to tell you how much fun it's been to be a guest at Daily (W)rites--loved all the responses and your blog followers' humor. I'll take a look over at the other post and help promote it as well :)


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