Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Write 1, Sub 1--Jan Week 3

Ouch. Only three weeks into the challenge and I already failed. For the past three weeks I've been rushing to revise the MS I'll be pitching at the writers' conference in San Francisco next month, and this week I decided I'd sacrifice short stories for editing. I did cut away around 8K words, which is really good--still another 2K to go, and some chapters at the end to rewrite, but I think I'll end up with around 102K. Long, I know, especially for a first novel, but it's doable. Better than the original 113K, at least :D

One publishing success: a story I submitted to Pure Slush was accepted and published yesterday. Technically I guess that success should go in this week's W1S1 accounting, but in case I forget, here's the link:

I got some great feedback from people that read it--it's short, around 600 words, so if you want to take a hop over and leave a comment, here or there, to tell me what you think, it'd be most appreciated :)

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