Friday, August 2, 2013

Writing? What writing?

I actually am writing--you know, besides the sporadic nonsense post here. But these posts are the model of regularity compared to that other writing.

What can one do, right?

Well, no. That's the point. I refuse to become another of those wanna-be writers that have five unfinished novels under the bed, which get dusted every now and then, get a couple of chapters reworked until said wanna-be runs out of steam.

And I will. I'll end up one of those might'ves--unless I give myself public accountability.

This blog has so far been devoted to more musings than stories, and even less to journaling my writing journey, especially compared to some of the other writing blogs I know. I like it that way; I like posting to explore cultural differences, to mince them into puzzle pieces that, rearranged, make an unexpected picture. I've also had a blast getting to know the people who are attracted to those posts. So I won't stop. Quiet Laughter will still be Musings and Stories on Blurred Cultural Boundaries.


Once a week I'll post an update on the writing. The projects, the progress, the challenges. I know--there's enough writing blogs out there, and I highly doubt I can provide anything new. I'm being a little selfish; I'm doing this for myself. But I hope all you awesome visitors will stop by to check out the accountability posts every once in a while... It'll keep me honest. It'll also keep me motivated, and ensure this doesn't turn into another procrastination technique. I'm appallingly good at those.

So. First accountability post coming this Sunday. See you all here?

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