Sunday, May 15, 2016

#BoTB (I'm back!): Fleetwood Mac's 'Storms'

A bit late, yes, but back nonetheless—and very, very happy about it. I apologize for abandoning this blog during April; the A2Z really took its toll this year. (Mainly because I, again, did not prewrite my posts. Why do I do that to myself? Why, why, why?) But it was a great month over at the dog blog... I'll get into that in a later post, though. For now, on to the main thing today: The Battle of The Bands!

Fleetwood Mac has been a favorite of mine for... well, pretty much since I began listening to music. Stevie Nicks' voice takes me places I can't even begin to describe. And the song I'm featuring today, Storms, is one of my top ten (in my admittedly not-so-humble opinion). The lyrics speak to me at a depth that bypasses reason. Written by Stevie herself, it appeared in the album Tusk (1979), better known for Sara and the title track—and which, by the way, has just been remastered into a five-CD, two-LP, and one-DV deluxe version!

Having said what I said about Stevie's voice, you can understand I go pale at the thought of pitting her against anyone... So here are two cover versions of Storms for your listening pleasure (well, I hope it's 'pleasure'...), both from 2012.

First up: American rock duet Best Coast.

And now with male vocals, Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

If the above video doesn't work in your browser, here's another version (thanks, Lee!):

And another one (thanks, Cathy!):

(Funnily enough, neither of these versions are "available" for me... Go figure :D )

There you have it, folks. Which version do you prefer? Are you going with Best Coast because of Bethany Cosentino's vocals? Did the Sweeney & 'Prince' version win you over with its mellowness? Which one do you think does the original most justice? Which one turns an oldie into something new? And, tangentially, do you fall in love with music for the music itself, or for the lyrics? Or is it a combination? Are there any songs you love the lyrics of but hate the music—or vice versa?

Looking forward to your feedback, and thanks for coming by!

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  1. Good to have you back.

    First I should mention that the second version didn't work for me and probably all of the U.S.. An alternate version can be found at:

    I was not familiar with this song though I've never heard the Tusk album in its entirety. Very nice tune. Off hand I can't think of any songs where I didn't like either the lyrics or the music. I'm sure it exists, but not in my memory.

    The Sweeney/"Prince" Billy version was nice. I especially liked the instrumental turn at the end. It put me in mind of early Fleetwood Mac stuff.

    However I preferred the folksy sound of Best Coast. It was simple and upbeat and the vocals of Bethany were pleasant to listen to.

    A vote for Best Coast from me.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. I can completely understand how you wouldn't want to pit anyone against Stevie Nicks. Her voice is absolutely incredible!
    Re: your battle: I liked both versions of this song. But the one I liked best is Best Coast's version so please give my vote to them.
    Nice battle!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  3. Guilie, welcome back! I totally get where you're coming from regarding the A2Z challenge. I didn't get caught with my pants down totally. I had more than half my posts pre-written and I tried to get the rest done in between everything, but the alphabet finally caught up with me. That's when I sorta had a melt down. lol Oh well, all is good. It was fun despite the chaos. Now to your battle showdown. I'm a Fleetwood Mac fan, too. Stevie Nicks has a unique voice, which I just love! I think of the two groups, I liked contender #2. Their style just suited my ears best today. Give my vote to Matt & Bonny!

    BTW, the video wouldn't play, but I found another, if anyone else has trouble. Just click here.

    Have a bandtastic week!

    Urgent #BoTB showdown

  4. Guilie, Welcome back! I'm not familiar with this song, and I thought I'd been a good Fleetwood Mac fan... not so.

    I really enjoyed the mellow males. My vote is for Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

    P.S. Thanks Lee for the alternate link.

  5. Lee and Cathy: a big thank you for the alternate link. In my case, it helped me pick Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy for my vote!

    Guilie, I love Fleetwood Mac, too. This was a good pairing of a song that really has room for interpretation. Both versions are lovely, but I have to say I love MW & BPB's version so much. This is not a group I was familiar with (not the first time it happened today!).

    Awesome battle and I've found a new fav.

  6. Welcome back to BOTB, Guilie! The second video didn't work for me either, nor did Arlee's alternative. Soundcloud to the rescue:
    Storms - Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy
    Glad I found that, because they get my vote. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Debbie...I only could listen to what you posted here

  7. Yes, Stevie just does it for me too. I'm glad you did not post the link to her version here or I might have been tempted to listen, which would have totally skewed the female version of this battle. Tusk is also my favorite album of their's.

    I really liked the folksy quality to Best Coast. However, after listening to Matt and Bonnie, it seemed Best Coast was trying just a little too hard. Something about the quality was a little harsh to my ear before listening to the other so . .

    Give my vote to Matt and Bonnie.

  8. Much preferred Sweeney and Billy - the first was a bit repetitive for me ... and the second is just so much sweeter and the guitar instrumentals are coooool ...
    Welcome back Guilie!

  9. Hi Guilie - welcome back .. I too preferred Sweeney and Billy ... love the lyrics as well as the music itself - it draws me in and along .. cheers Hilary

  10. I almost had to pass because I couldn't find anything to listen to the 2nd one until Debbie posted link. sweeney and Billy get my vote too...loved the harmonies and styling

  11. Copyright issues would let version two download, so I followed Arlee's version. I love Stevie and Fleetwood Mac! But for your battle I preferred Matt Sweeny this time. His music was better, although to be honest if the voice of Best Coast had used the music of the Sweeny version it might have been perfection.
    Welcome back! Your A to Z Challenge was fantastic, I can't wait to here where it takes you!

  12. Thanks to Lee for providing the link. I vote for Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy because I'm overcome by the beauty of their sound.


  13. I love Fleetwood Mac, this is a great song.
    I found this a challenging battle. Both were good in their own way.
    Ultimately, I decided to vote for Best Coast. If only for the reason there was a portion of the song I felt was a bit disjointed in a way. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but as long as there was any bit of doubt, I decided to go with the first. Best Coast.

  14. GUILIE ~
    Welcome back to the inner circle of the Illuminati (aka BOTB).

    Well, truthfully? That first version by Best Coast was the worst! Yak about a band in need of a legitimate producer. The singer really isn't very good, but even more detrimental was the mix (the guitar was way too overpowering) and the guitar playing, which was nuttin' more than distracting. I mean, seriously, how many times can you play the same chords over and over and over and over again (too loudly) and without the slightest deviation, before the listener is going to start perceiving it as a Chinese water torture or something?!

    SWEENEY & BONNIE were much better.

    Again, welcome back.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. My hubby loves Fleetwood Mac. I think he's okay. I haven't listened as much as the hubby.

  16. I was going to tell you that I'm a pretty big Fleetwood Mac fan, but if I did I would be embarrassed, because I'm not familiar with this song. Anyway, that Best Coast version was pretty bad IMO. But Matt and Bonnie Prince did a nice job. give them my vote.

  17. Matt and Bonnie get my vote I liked their sound and vocal better on this one

  18. I think we can all safely agree that no one does this one better than Stevie. I didn't care for the first rendition at all. But, I think the boys, Matt and Bonnie Prince Billy, did a pretty good job with it. So, they get my vote!


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