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The Recent History of the Sánchez Family Tragedies, Part I
Lust, 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 1

Coming in March 2018 from Pure Slush (who else?)
More here on the 7 Deadly Sins project (submissions, themes, etc.)


Summer Love
Summer (Pure Slush, August 2016)
Paperback & all e-book formats

David & Goliath
Tall...ish (Pure Slush, June 2016)
Paperback & all e-book formats

Murder in Five
Five (Pure Slush, January 2016)
Paperback & all e-book formats

Pure Slush's 4th anniversary issue, Four
Feb 21, 2015

2014 A Year In Stories: Compendiums

All the wonderful variety of the 2014 stories in four compilation volumes.

The 2014 A Year in Stories Project 
(Pure Slush)

The Miracle of Small Things
September 2014

The Inevitable
2014 November Vol. 11 (, & paperback)
September 2014
Pure Slush Books

Illusions, Lethal Weapons, and a Can of Maggots
August 2014

The Bonaire Feel-Good
2014 September Vol. 9 (e-pub, .mobi, & paperback)
June 2014
Pure Slush Books

Quixote Always Loses, 2014 August Vol. 8 (e-pub, .mobi, & paperback)
June 2014

Hot Water, 2014 July Vol. 7 (e-pub, .mobi, & paperback)
May 2014
Pure Slush Books

When The Sunset, 2014 June Vol. 6 (e-pub, .mobi, & paperback)
April 2014

Cause For Celebration, 2014 May Vol. 5 (e-pub, .mobi, & paperback)
March 2014
Pure Slush Books

The Hunt for Pélagie Solak, 2014 April Vol. 4 (e-pub, .mobi, & paperback)
February 2014
Pure Slush Books

January 2014

The Chablis & Sushi Miracle, 2014 February Vol. 2 (, & paperback)
December 2013
Pure Slush Books
Stephen V. Ramey's review (follow his blog for daily reviews of the day's story)

The Miracle of Small Things, 2014 January, Vol. 1 ( & paperback)
December 2013

~ * ~

Copycat, Pure Slush
January 2013

The Bogie Comeback / Copycat Part IV (Pure Slush, online mag, Jan 28 2013)
The First In Anyone's Memory / Copycat Part III (Pure Slush, online mag, Jan 21 2013)
Years of Study / Copycat Part II (Pure Slush, online mag, Jan 14 2013)
Sincerest Form of Flattery / Copycat Part I (Pure Slush, online mag, Jan 7 2013)

Dessert, part of GORGE, a novel in stories
published by Pure Slush (December 21, 2012)

Faithless (Fiction 365, Online Mag, May 21, 2012)

Piano Sonata in C Major, K545 (Pure Slush, Online Mag, January 2012)

Excerpt from Restoring Experience, A Novel 
(Lady Ink Magazine, Print, debut issue, December 2011)

Mischievous Moonlight (Fiction365, Online Mag, December 16, 2011)

Come Back To Me, Elsie (Fiction365, Online Mag, August 31, 2011)


  1. Damn, Woman. You sure can write.

    After reading the four short stories and have found them riveting.

    I will continue exploring your site and will get to some of the Archives to see what you have done in the past, and surly marvel at your mastery of the language and the enveloping way you've woven the words.

    It's a pleasure to have you as a Writing buddy in NaNoWriMo this 2012.

    Keep on writing!

    ECalderón (actually residing in beautiful Cancun).

    1. Sorry for the typo.

      Surely, not surly.

      A heck of a difference.



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