A Novel in Stories, A Tour in Blogs

To celebrate the release of e-book formats (yes! finally!), THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS is going on (virtual) tour. Several blogs will be hosting me throughout November to talk about writing, about the book, its island setting and its characters — including Al, a 100-lb. monster dog rescued by accident from the streets of Curaçao — and to discuss some of the issues MIRACLE touches on, such as the role of large and small dogs things in the realignment of our values, and the power our sense of place has in our definition of self.

I'll add the direct link once the post goes live. In the meantime, though, you might want to pay these folks an advance visit... They're all fabulous bloggers who share great content, and well worth checking out.


Tuesday Oct. 27
Writerly Sam, care of Sam Redstreake Geary

We'll be talking writing and music (OMG, the music! You have got to listen to this!), and Sam has a fabulous announcement to make, too. It's a must, people. Plus, her blog is as cool as blogosphere inspiration gets.


Friday Oct. 30
 Going A-Musing, Collecting Smiles, care of Vidya Sury

On Oct. 30, 2003, began the love story that would shape my life—and I'm celebrating at Vidya's!
P.S. - this story explains why 'place' has such a strong influence in THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS... and explains, also, the book's dedication page. You know. Just in case you were wondering ;)


Saturday Oct. 31 (ongoing)
Bob Sanchez

A live chat on writing, revisions, rebellious characters, homeless and abandoned dogs, the Curaçao music scene, and even the origins of protagonist Luis Villalobos's name.
(If you missed the weekend blitz but have a question / comment / tomato to throw, please hop over and share. The chat will stay in Bob's archives for a while, and we do check back often.)


Thursday Nov. 5
Corinne Rodriguez

The quirks of THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS, from format to characters, and storyline to setting.


Monday Nov. 9
The Doglady's Den, care of Debbie D. Doglady

With Debbie's song choice for the Battle of the Bands of Nov. 1st, MacArthur Park, as a starting point, the idea was to explore the meaning of this song for protagonist Luis Villalobos. Instead, we ended up with an author/character face-off. It got a little out of hand, which was probably my fault, and I apologize. (Luis is still not talking to me.)


Wednesday Nov. 11
Tossing It Out, care of Arlee Bird

It's all about prisons: of the mind, the flesh, and the soul. Using the story of Luis Villalobos—and the mess he creates for himself when he arrives to Curaçao—we follow up on Lee's theme of Prison as a Metaphor, and I have the honor of announcing Lee's song choice for the BoTB on the 15th.


Monday Nov. 16
Julie Flanders, at Mysteries Untethered by Time

The subject of Al, the 100-lb dog Luis Villalobos rescues (unwillingly and sort of by accident) in THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS, has come up often on the tour, but always as a bit of a sideline. I thought it was time to give him the spotlight, and no better place to do it than at Julie's, a fellow animal lover and advocate.


Wednesday Nov. 18
Denise Covey

It's all about Curaçao! We're sharing excerpts from the book that paint a picture of the island and its "prickly kind of beauty". Those of us who live here know Curaçao isn't for everyone, but "for a certain kind of person, it's paradise."


Monday Nov. 23
Yolanda Renee

On the subject of indie presses and how they trump both self-publishing and the traditional, Big Four route.


Thanksgiving Saturday Nov. 28
Angels Bark, care of Michele Truhlik

The Hidden Story of a Dog: a behind-the-scenes look at how a dog's story became the story of a tax lawyer's endless bad decisions.


Monday Nov. 30
Daily (W)rite, care of Damyanti Biswas

At the close of the tour, three lessons (and a surprise) from my publishing journey.


Come join us. Come meet Curaçao.
But come as Luis Villalobos, the book's protagonist, should have come to the island:
prepared for a drastic readjustment of the things you value most.

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  1. Excellent lineup, Guilie, if I do say so, myself. ☺ Sam was the only one I didn't know but have since subscribed to her blog.

    1. Well, I say so myself, too—so there :D Joking aside, Debbie, I'm beyond honored to be hosted at The Doglady's Den, and really looking forward to it. Thank you!

  2. Guilie, I'm so glad to be a part of your blog book tour. Our time starts at 12:01 AM Saturday morning and runs at least through Sunday night.

    1. And I'm thrilled you're a part of this, Bob! Can't thank you enough for giving me a place on your blog... I'm very, very much looking forward to it!


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