The #AtoZChallenge Giveaway

Who's IN so far:

How do I get IN:
- Found a post with a bonus word? Take a guess on what it means! (Some A-to-Z posts have bonuses, some don't.)
- You're IN if:

  •  you're the first to guess correctly before I post the right answer (usually within a day or two);
  •  no one guesses right, but yours came closest;

- If no one comes even close, then every guessing commenter is IN.

IN to what?
- The first week of May I'll put all the IN names in a hat. A totally unbiased and non-stake-holder (my dushi) will pull out three names. Three winners!

How many times can I be IN?
- No limits. Guess as often as you like, and you'll be IN as many times as you qualify. BUT you can't win twice. So, if your name goes into the hat twice, and aforementioned dushi pulls out your name twice, one will be set aside to give someone else a chance to win.

Win... what, exactly?
THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS, a collection of short fiction -- a novel in stories -- set in Curaçao.
Blurb: International tax lawyer Luis Villalobos is lured to the tiny island of Curaçao anticipating a fast track to the cusp of an already enviable career. 
But... The paradise we expect is so rarely the paradise we find.
The book will be released this summer (2015, Truth Serum Press), so this giveaway is me jumping the gun a bit. ("A bit...") I hope you don't mind waiting :)

You won? Woot-woot! And now what?
The three winners will be announced by May 8th 11th (sorry about the delay) here on Quiet Laughter (this page will stay up until all three prizes have been delivered and acknowledged for receipt), and via a comment on your own blog (or website or G+ page or... please leave a followable link when you guess, or come back after May 8th 11th to check). I'll then ask you to send me, via email, whether you want the e-version (and what format) or the print book, and for details on how to notify you when the book is out, first, and how send it to you when it is.

And you can always contact me at guilie.quietlaughter (at), or via Facebook, or Twitter, or G+ -- see cute buttons on the right. (Smoke signals don't work, though; it's too windy here.)

- Only applies for A-to-Z Challenge posts in 2015.
- Guessing opportunity is over as soon as the correct answer is posted. (Answers will be posted in the next day's blog post unless no one has guessed correctly; then I'll wait another day.)
- The only way to participate is to leave a comment in the post with your guess on what the bonus word or expression means. Perfect answers via email or on Facebook links will, sadly, not count.
- Comments must be made on the post with the bonus word or expression you're guessing on. So if you leave a comment on, say, the F post taking a guess on the bonus word in the E post, it won't count.

"I'm from (or living in) Curaçao, and will probably know most of the answers. Will my guess still count?"
- Yep. (Kompolaga, swa!) And kudos to your advantage--but remember it's only the *first* right guess that qualifies... So besides being a lucky Curaçao resident / native, you also have to be the first one here ;)

"Not interested in this book, actually. If I win, can I get another one instead?"
- Uh, no... But I get that not everyone might want to read THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS. For plenty of people with outstanding language skills (or lucky guesses), sand and palm trees and financial intrigue and a quirky love story and rescued dogs might be hopi ferfelu, swa -- and that's perfectly all right. If you're one of them and you win, we'll talk. Maybe there's someone you know that might enjoy the book. Maybe I can convince you that I'll be a world-renowned author one day and this little book will be worth millions as a collector's item. Maybe you'll be willing to keep this win as credit for the day I can afford to give you a book you actually want to read. Maybe you'll agree to forfeit your win and give someone else the chance to contemplate these questions :) Seriously, it's more about the fun of the guessing game than the actual prize. At least I hope it's like that for you, too.

Update May 11: winners have been announced!

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