Saturday, July 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

So I finally made it to Six Sentence Sunday...  Not sure how, exactly, this works, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to screw it up the first time, but hey -- you live, you learn.  Check out the other Six-Sentencers here and, if you have a blog, maybe you want to participate next week.  The more the merrier, toch?

And [drumroll] the Six Sentences with which Quiet Laughter participates this week are taken from a story called "Red & Black":

The boy and the dog hunker under the shrubbery.  Dim green light dapples the boy’s reddish hair, the matching coat of the setter panting next to him.  The boy’s arm is around the dog; the dog doesn’t need the restraint, but the boy needs the warmth, the sense of complicity.
-“Sshh, Shandy.”
The green light catches a welt on the side of the boy’s face.  His grandfather’s hands are big, heavy.

If you liked it, you can read the full story here, and when you're ready to go back to the Six Sentence Sunday blog, just click that link.  Thanks for the visit; hope you enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing you around!


  1. Wow. That's powerful writing. I can see and feel it all. Can't wait to read more of your contributions to Six Sentence Sunday.

  2. Awe! You got me. Loved it! Great six!!

  3. Welcome to SSS. Great snippet. Lots of power in those sentences.

  4. So powerful. Love the voice

  5. Welcome!

    Ooooh! Very nice writing! Strong, present-tense and enough emotion in the removed narration to really connect with the reader. Well done, I can't wait to read what happens next.

    ...and I grew up with an Irish setter, so bonus points for that!

  6. Awesome snippet! And you did great for your first time - welcome to SSS! :)

  7. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. Every week it's a fun ride. :-)

    Poor, poor boy. Good thing he has Shandy.

  8. Wow, fantastic snippet!


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