Monday, August 1, 2011

Clarity of Night

I just realized I completely forgot to link the Clarity of Night contest to this blog...  I cannot believe I did that.  I was overwhelmed, true; first by the sheer raw talent of the 102 entries -- seriously, these people can write!  And second, by the fact that my own entry received an honorable mention (an HONORABLE mention... MY entry!  Un-freakin-believable), and I was apparently inducted into the Forties club (for high punctuation in the readers' choice voting).  So, yes, I was flabbergasted and in shock for a whole five days, until today I suddenly thought, "wait a minute...".

Please forgive this incredibly careless oversight, and take a jump-click over to Jason's Clarity of Night blog.  If you want to read my very humble and undeserving entry, click here (or find entry #97 in the index of the Elemental contest post), and please check out some of the other entries.  For those ADD'ers out there, know that the word limit on this contest was 250 words.  That's, like... not even a page.  You can read a page, right?  Believe me, these are worth it:

Here are some of my favorites:

No One Would Catch Fire, by D. Biswas
The True Story of How Casey Tillson Became A Vegan, by Wendy Russ
Your Mother, by Francis Tan
The Answer, by Kilian Conor (this one has a line that I love... "I am bone and meat interlaced for breath to speak your name..."  How unearthily beautifl is that!)
Bait, by Richard Levangie (an awesome awesome awesome story!)
The Wall, by Peter Davidson (3rd-place winner!)
Golem, by Loren Eaton (2nd-place winner AND Readers' Choice!)
RIF, by Darby Krenshaw (1st-place winner - wonderful story!)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


  1. Hey Guilie ~ congrats on the honourable mention ! I'm off to read your entry now ! Nice place you have here ... !

  2. Hey , btw really liked the "blurred cultural boundaries" bit ... can totally identify with that ... where I come from , I was previously classified as a "coloured" person ...

  3. Hi Mish! Thank you for the congrats and the comments... I'm glad you like the blog :) Yes, blurred cultural boundaries, I can imagine, are quite prevalent where you're from (SA, isn't it?). I'd love to hear more from you regarding what it's like now, stories your parents / grandparents told you, or anything else you feel like sharing on this subject. Are you on Google+?

  4. I'm not on Google+ ... don't know what it is (blame it on the partially-technologically-challenged brain which is still playing "catch up") ... but will check it out ... I'm only on twitter for a month or so ... getting there ...
    We could share info via the hand-written letter experiment that I'm involved in with 2 other bloggers ... it's a new venture which is aimed at unleashing creative possibilities ... that's if you are into hand-written stuff ... I've linked the relevant post to this comment if you want to check it out !

  5. Hi again!! For some reason I can't get into your blog... Keep getting a "bad gateway" error, whatever that means. It's weird, because I've been to it before... But somehow it just won't let me in today.

    Yes, the hand-written experiment sounds fantastic! Here's my email so you can send me yours and we can trade addresses. I love longhand, and lately we get so few opportunities to indulge!

    Email: guilie172 at gmail dot com

    Thanks a million for the invite, and I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Thanks so much for the kind words. As you know, yours was one of my faves!


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