Friday, January 27, 2012

Awesome Awardee--Me!

Jennifer Burke, over at Jen's Bookshelf, gave me an award--the Kreativ Blogger! See how cool it is?

Innit totally awesome? I get to share 10 things about myself, and pass the award on to another 6 bloggers. The ten things aren't that hard, but the bloggers--man, everyone's so creative! Can't I just award it to everyone?


FINE. I'll pick. Lemme see... Okay, how's this? I'll pick six new blogs I've found recently. Will that work?

Whatever. Just get on with it.

All right, here we go:

Cindy Dwyer
Dan H. Kind
Monica Enderle Pierce
Rick Bylina
Loren Eaton at I Saw Lightning Fall
Nick Rose

My six awardees, for their outstanding creativity. They're all different: hilarious or serious, all are outstanding writers, and you're missing out if you haven't been by their blogs yet.

Now: ten things about me. Things no one knows. Well, maybe my boyfriend. But he'd never tell.

1  Sydney Sheldon is a guilty pleasure.
2  I'm a procrastinator of the absolute worst kind. My old car has been sitting in the garage for thirteen months. Unused. I haven't even advertised it for sale. I know. Yes, I know.
3  I have twenty-eight handbags. I use maybe two in any given month. Usually the same two. But I'm always on the lookout for new, cool, ones.
4  I'm not a fan of jewelry, unless it's radical: handcrafted, original and unique, or otherwise super special.
5  I bought my first laptop in 2007--a white MacBook. It's the one I'm writing this on. Heavy as a load of bricks, but I can't bear to part with it.
6  Emmanuelle is the sexiest book I've read. The movie, as old as it is, wasn't too bad (but the book is better).
7  I watched The Exorcist when I was about seven. Didn't faze me. But a year later I watched Prom Night (anyone remember that movie?). For years afterwards I was terrified of the dark--kept thinking a psycho killer waited in every shadow. When I was thirteen or so, I got fed up and decided to kick fear's ass. Every night for months, I'd walk the whole house--a big house, six bedrooms, sprawling 1000 square kms--alone, without any lights. It worked.
8  I know very little about my father. No, he wasn't an absent dad--I lived with him until he died, when I was 19. But he didn't talk much about himself, and I didn't ask much, either. His family and I weren't close, grew even further apart after he passed. I wish I'd asked more.
9  For me, life's not about being happy. It's about exhilaration, the intensity of the experience. I should live in the Middle East, at least Mexico City, and not in a secluded Caribbean island.
10  My favorite time of day is when I go to bed. I read for a while, then turn out the light and curl up against my boyfriend. To feel his arm around me and hear his sleepy voice whisper, "welterusten", is the perfect close to any day.

So. I've shared. Bared my soul to you--yes, you, out there in cyberspace. Now it's your turn. Share a deep dark secret of your own in the comments below, if you dare :)

Thanks for the visit, and remember to visit my awesome awardees!


  1. Hmm. I guess as you age, you either release your secrets by constantly blathering or you hold them tight. I think I've released most of mine, except two that I will take to the grave. These are more of "I bet you didn't know."

    1. Guilty pleasure - "The Beverly Hillbillies" Had big crush on...well, you know.
    2. I have no handbags, but Sydney, my cockatiel, has six. I bought him one. Don't tell my wife.
    3. I used to procastinate, now it's just that I have so much to think about.
    4. I wear no jewelry, no accessories. Not even a wedding band. Hate things that cling to skin.
    5. Had a chance to go to the Choate School in high school. Didn't understand the value of it.
    6. I can't watch "I Love Lucy."
    7. Me and a friend got thrown out of the theatre in Maine for laughing during "The Exorcist".
    8. Spent a life not finding out family secrets, like the mysterious great-uncle in Argentina.
    9. Have never been south of Orlando, FL.
    10. Don't like going underwater. Ocean wave swept me out to sea at 1.5 years old. Pretty sure that has something to do with it.

    1. Hahahahahaa... Rick, love this. I just have a question: how did Sydney get the other five?

  2. Thanks for the honor, Guilie. I owe much of the success of my blog to your support.

    I don't have many secrets - any good or funny ones tend to come out in my humor writing. But I'll think of ten interesting things people may not know about me for my blog post.

    1. Aawww... Cindy, your blog--and your material--owes its success to your way with words and humor. And I'm looking forward to your post on this :))

  3. I am also the worst procrastinator! And I have a thing for handbags. Not designer bags, but quirky bags!
    (I can't afford designer bags.)

    1. LOL--yes, mine aren't designer either. But the quirky ones, handmade and found in a market--YES! :)

  4. Thanks, Guilie! I've been struggling thinking up blog posts recently what with raising a one-year old, the day job, and working like hell after everybody else in the house is asleep to finalize a horror novelette. But this should be just the thing to get the creative blog-juices flowing again.

    1. A one-year-old! Congratulations, Dan--I can imagine it must be hard work, but it must make for some great entertainment as well :) You're one of the writers whose work I look forward to reading every week, so I'm glad with all that you still find time to write at night :)

  5. Hey Guilie ~ What a list!
    1. Sidney Sheldon... one of my fave authors... Rage Of Angels is one of the books that got me hooked on the suspense/thriller genre...
    2. Procrastination? I know - still waiting for a little blue envelope... LOL!
    3. I love handbags - got a nice collection... can't afford the super-fancy-overpriced ones though...
    4. I love jewellry - costume jewellry!
    5. Choate school? What's that? Pardon the ignorance...
    6. Heard of it, but haven't read it...
    7. Not a fan of horror movies - come to think of it, I'm not really a movie person... prefer books...
    8. About the Family Tree - we have a Family Forest which is huge and densely populated with lots of stray branches... so imagine the untold stories lurking therein... LOL!
    9. Are you an adrenalin-junkie by some chance? Exhiliration? Intensity? Wanna swop places?
    10. Ditto... ditto... ditto!

    1. Mish! Hahahahaha--yes, you're my favorite witness for procrastination. I am SO sorry. This week--no more delays. I agree about the handbags--the expensive ones just don't do it for me. I just loooove bags, the quirkier the better, hehehe. A family forest with stray, hidden branches--best groundwork for fascinating fiction, I say!

      Thanks for sharing, Mish! Loved reading this.

    2. The Choate School is a private school in Conneticut where the rich, think very rich, think Kennedy's, and famous send their brats. Had a chance to go on a scholarship for 8 weeks in the summer. Coming from coal miners and quarry diggers, we didn't realize the importance. Working for minimum wage to put food on the table was much more important.

  6. Man, I bought my first laptop in 2007, a macbook pro, and I'm now on number 3. They keep breaking ;_; I swear, it's not like I drop them off cliffs or anything.

    1. Hahahahaha--Gwen, you sure about the cliff thing? ;) Just kidding. Mine had to undergo some serious repair in '09, but it's the only time. Guess I just got lucky--I may not drop it off cliffs, but I don't exactly keep it wrapped in velvet, either :)

  7. Yikes, I'm late to the party! My apologies, and thanks for the kudos.

    Secrets? Let's see ...

    One day I aspire to write a novel based off of Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination. I have a fichus that I've been meaning to trim for six months, and it's about to engulf my house. I never let my family read my drafts because, well, my stories freak them out. And unlike most genre afficionados, I don't actually hate Twilight. (Please don't publish that one widely; I fear for my reputation!)

    1. You DON'T HATE--?!?!


      Sorry. Ahem. I'll--uh--just say--uh--congratulations :) I don't hate the T series either. Then again, I'm a girl, so my admission isn't quite as reputation-threatening as yours :)) I agree about the no-family drafts--stuff comes out in mine that may not be quite so flattering as people expect. Once it's in print I guess it's harder for them to see themselves in it, or if they do, to see it as a personal attack. Still, it happens.

      Thanks for the visit, Loren--you're an amazing writer, and I love the stuff you share on your blog.

    2. Sssshhhhh.

      I know! You've gotta keep that on the down low.

      Honestly, I don't really hold any fondness for Twilight either, but I'm surprised by the amount of vitriol people heap on it. Sure, it has problematic elements, but no moreso than many other popular books.

      Have yourself a great day, madam.


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