Thursday, January 19, 2012

Letter to Apollo

Apollo, you're a genius. I don't mean just because of your typing skills--impressive, dawg!--or even because of your amazing mastery of English--and you're not even a full-grown "dawg", but a puppy. Cute as all-out, too. These things contribute, sure, but--Apollo, the real pearl of wisdom was that tidbit you overheard from Scott Eagan, about clutter in stories yesterday. When you got to the part about--okay, let me copy-paste here so there's no misunderstanding:

'[...] the story simply becomes too cluttered and messy (kind of like our family room after I've been playing). And [...] After all of that playing and that mess, someone has to put it all away again (and it ain't me). With stories, those final chapters are now an issue of "putting it all away"[.]'

When I read this, I had to wonder if Scott's hacked into my computer and been supervising my "revising" (i.e., clutter clean-up) for the last two weeks.

You chose to share this at the exact right time for me, Apollo. Don't you just loooove synergy? You're probably too young to know what that is. Well, this is it. You randomly overheard something, randomly chose to share it (among all the other things you might have overheard), and I (ok, not so randomly) read the post exactly--exactly--when I needed to hear this most.

Yep, synergy.

And now, Apollo honeybunch, I'm off to clear away some more clutter. I've decided to become ruthless in my clutter-clearing. Because you know something? Scott's right. He always is.

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