Monday, January 16, 2012

Write 1, Sub 1--Jan Week 2

The second week of the year and I managed to a) write another short piece (1,033 words) and b) submit that same piece to Muscle & Blood.  Yay!

The piece started as an exercise in the Practice list of the IWW, and got expanded into its present state.  Let's hope M&B like it--that would be my first publication with them.

The title is AROUND THE BEND, and its main theme is madness--and an all-too-real turn of events.

Last week I also received a response on the submission I made to Dark River.  I feel disproportionately flattered to have received a rewrite request from the editor: he remarked the female character lacked definition, and if I could change that they'd be willing to consider the piece.

1 comment :

  1. I loved that expression "disproportionately flattered". How true!


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