Wednesday, February 15, 2012

San Francisco Part I

After three months of planning and expectations, I'm finally in San Francisco. Yep--for the San Francisco Writers' Conference, starting tomorrow Thursday Feb 15. Okay... officially on the 17th, but tomorrow there's some nice stuff to do, too.

First, a FREE (and open to the public--if you're in the Bay Area, take note) Reading by Lisa See from her new book, DREAMS OF JOY, at 5:00 pm. Lisa is the author of the NY bestsellers Snow Flower and The Secret Fan, Peony in Love, and Shanghai Girls. This new book continues the story of Shangai Girls Pearl and Joy. In the reading, which will be held at the Mark Hopkins hotel on Nob Hill (in the California Room), Lisa will talk about the new book and sign copies. Check out the conference website if you'd like more details.

There's also some pre-conference classes, as well as a welcome coffee klatsch after 8. I'm seriously considering taking Katharine Sands' PITCHPERFECT class tomorrow from 6 o 8. My pitch on Sunday, being the first one ever, needs some urgent help :D.

And today? Well, today I'm--sorta--free. I'm going to walk around and get my bearings, make sure I can find the Mark Hopkins hotel from the friend's apartment where I'm staying (it's just a couple of blocks away--but in which direction? Ha!) and explore the immediate area for bare necessities: good coffee, smoking areas, etc. When those "chores" are done, I'll take a walk down Filmore to the Marina, maybe see if I can find City Lights for a source of Zen... Well, we'll see :)

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