Sunday, February 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (Feb 12)

This might be my last SSS... sniff... for the month. Yeah, just the month. But it feels like withdrawal, man! I'm flying to SFO for a writer's conference this Tuesday, and my dushi boyfriend is meeting up with me after to stay for another week of sightseeing--he's never been, so we'll probably be doing all the touristy stuff--and shopping for BOOKS! Yes, we're both avid readers.

So--without further ado, another snippet from Restoring Experience, the novel I'll be pitching at the conference (for practice only--one can dream, of course, but every time I read through I find more stuff to add/take out, improve, tighten... You get the drift). You can read last week's post here, and previous SSSsnippets here.

“No, you’re holding it upside-down,” Dan said, laughing, and turned the picture back around. 
“What is this?” I pointed at the burner-vent thing. 
“That, Lexie, is a stove.” 
“What’s a stove doing in the bathroom?” 
“The bathroom is off the kitchen--see the doorway here,” he pointed, “and the bathroom is through there.”

Ah--poor Alexia. All those dreams of living the artist life in a loft with wooden floors and rafters, a view of "history crumbling at the street corners"--dashed against the reality of European bathrooms :D

Thanks for stopping by, everyone, and I promise to do better rounds this week--last week, what with shaping up the last five chapters of this novel and refining (yet again) the first five, I went dark. But I do appreciate your visit, especially your comments--every time one of them pops up in my inbox, I feel like we connected, somehow. And that feels great.

Remember to visit the other Six Sundayers, and happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. I read somewhere that a writer will never feel the piece is "done". Eventually, you just need to reach a point where you are ready to let it fly. Good luck at the conference.

  2. SF is great you’ll have a ball. Yeah - everytime I read something of mine I change words - will miss you

  3. It's hard to known when you have to call a piece done. I'm sure I'll go back and cringe at my published pieces ;) Love the fact that she's confused by a stove.

  4. If I can't have crumbling history, I'm not going! Hold out for it, Lexie!
    And, enjoy the conference and SF; it's been years since I've seen that city.

  5. Aw sorry to hear it's your last one....for the month. Have a great trip...and maybe even sneak in a little bit of writing? (hope springs eternal)

  6. Lol, my sister's student digs had a bathroom leading off from the bathroom.

    Great snippet! Though I think I'd much prefer an interesting place like that in the picture than a bland studio. :)

  7. Oh God, it keeps getting worse and worse! Poor thing!

    Good luck at the conference and have fun with your boyfriend!

  8. Great dialogue - very realistic. Good luck pitching your book at the conference.


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