A2Z Theme Reveal 2014

Specificae: (Yeah, feminine. That's how we at #TeamDamyanti roll.)
  • Sign up in the Linky Thingy below (that sounds vaguely obscene...) and grab the badge above. (Is it me? Do I have a dirty mind?)
  • On March 21st, as the sun reacheth the spot known as Spring Equinox, thou shalt reveal your theme! Holler--nay, yawp it from the mountaintop of your blog. And bask in the audience's (ahem, the linky list's) roar of approval.
  • Thou shalt, indeed, visit as many other A2Zers on ze linky list as humanely possible. Take March 21st off from work. Cancel any plans that don't involve sitting in front of your screen. Turn off your phone. Stock up your fridge (wine and chocolate chip cookies are of the essence).

Let the fun begin!

1 comment :

  1. Taking the same oath of visiting as many blog possible. :) Happy AZing....:)


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