Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award -- Part I

Stuart Nager, whose outstanding blog is at Tale Spinning, has kindly shared the Versatile Blogger Award with Quiet Laughter.  By accepting, I've committed to:

- Thank the awarder and link back to them (done; see link above),
- Share 7 things about myself, and
- Pass this award to 15 blogs I've recently discovered.

We all suffer from lack of time, yes.  I've procrastinated enough with this, so I'm going to cut it in two: today I'll THANK STUART FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for sharing this with me, provide the link to his page, and share 7 things about myself.  Tomorrow, I promise, I'll pass this along to another 15 bloggers that may, or may not, accept.

Seven Things About Quiet Laughter

1.  "Quiet Laughter" was a meaning assigned to my name, Guilie, by a Californian that changed the course of my life many, many years ago.
2.  I like a bit of coffee with my milk and sugar, thank you.
3.  I'm shy.  Yes, I am.  The gregarious and outgoing facade is... well, a facade.
4.  The last day of the month is also my last day at my present employment.  I've decided to trade financial services for full-time writing.  I know.  My mother did raise me better than this.
5.  I hate to iron.  Really.
6.  Patience is seriously not one of my strengths (contributed by my boyfriend, who's a saint for putting up with me)
7.  I'm a spin doctor.  I can spin any situation into the reality I -- or you -- want it to be.  I can find the bright side of ANYTHING.

Thank you for the visit, and I'll be back tomorrow to complete my commitment.  Now...  I'm off to the beach :)


  1. Yes! Do tell me what you think. I would enjoy having that conversation. Hope the beach was nice.

  2. Thank you so much Guilie. Well deserved.


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