Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award--Reloaded

Ermie over at Just Ermie was kind enough to award me the Kreativ Blogger. I did this a few months ago, so I'll play a bit with the rules. The first part is, of course, thanking my awarder, so


Then I need to answer seven questions, which I already answered here. I also need to provide ten random facts about myself, so even though I did name a few before, I'm including ten new ones:

1   I smoke a pack a day. Yeah. Ooops.
2   No, I'm not planning to quit.
3   For a long long time, my favorite book ever was Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes. Eventually I grew to realize the error of my ways. Sort of.
4   Major drawback of living in a Caribbean island: the lack of intelligent conversation. Guess angst doesn't thrive in 35C weather and sunny beaches.

5   I had my first boyfriend at 15. We broke up when I was 22.
6   My first official job was teaching English. That happened when the English teacher at school in Mexico realized my grammar was better than hers. Instead of bitter pettiness, she offered me an after-school job teaching some of her classes for kids.
7   Talking about grammar, I'm a snob. I'm one of those annoying people that actually cringe when someone uses "affect" instead of "effect", or "their" instead of "they're". I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I have two languages to do it in: in Spanish, it gives me heartburn to see people use "ahi" instead of "hay".
8   The novel I'm currently working on (my first) has evolved into a psychological treatise for myself. I've unearthed things--motivations, especially--I honestly wasn't conscious of.
9   If today were the last day of my life, I'd be doing exactly what I'm doing now.
10 Listening to Cantares (Joan Manuel Serrat) reduces me to tears.   

And then I must pass the award on to seven other extraordinary bloggers. I know how burdensome awards can be, so instead of passing on the award and the hoops, I'm going to pass on just the award to bloggers I admire for their creativity and who might need the boost in traffic. If these awardees want to do something with it, like share ten quirky facts about themselves, excellent. Otherwise it's just a pat on the back in recognition for awesome blogger skills.

Erica Liodice
Cameron Chapman
Holly Michael at Writing Straight
Laura Stanfill
Dan Nest at Nest Expressed (his post on 25 ridiculous spam lines made me laugh all day yesterday)
Rasana Atreya (whose book is now out, and it's awesome!)
Russell Lindsey at Ramblings Of A Misguided Blonde


  1. Fun post! My theory is that the further North you go, the colder the weather and the higher the angst. This is why the Puritans in New England were dour. The cold, plus all those rocks that made farming ridiculous. That's also the real reason no one lives at the North Pole. Everyone moved to Scandinavia, the land of good cheer and Ingmar Bergman. (Me, I could use a little Caribbean "Whatevs.")

    1. Haha--Helen, looks like you have a point :) And you're welcome to come chill out Carib-style anytime :)

  2. Maybe if you spent less on cigarettes you'd have money for AC.


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