Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Have you been Liebstering?

Cheryl Rennels at We Bless Your Heart nominated me for the Liebster Award at the beginning of April--thanks, Cheryl!--and I'm so sorry I couldn't get around to it until now. 

For the award, Cheryl has asked me to answer a few questions:

1.  Who or what is Liebster?

No clue where the name comes from. Sorta-educated guess? Liebchen in German is "sweetie" or "dear", so maybe the Lieb- in Liebster comes from that same root? The Sweet Person Award?

2.  How long have you been blogging?

Since June of 2011. Happy anniversary to meeeee... 

3.  Do you have animals?

That's kind of like asking the Smithsonian if they happen to have a book lying around.
Up until last week, I had nine dogs: five mine, four fosters. One of these fosters was rehomed last weekend, and the other one was released to her environment--spayed, and healthy. Both are doing great, so I'm all psyched and high on that.

4.  Are you still in contact with any of your high school friends?

Yep. Thank you, Facebook.

5.  What is your favorite tree?

Is one allowed to pick a favorite tree? How come I didn't know about this? I've been making an effort to spread the love equally :D 
A Jacaranda. Yep, they also have them in Nepal.
Image credit: here.

I don't know what my favorite tree is. I like them all. Let's see... The jacaranda is amazing. The African tulip. The guayacán (no clue what the English name is). The tabachín--yes, maybe that could be my favorite.

6.  Do you have an artistic side you have expressed?

Well... I'm a writer of fiction. Does that count? I also love to draw, but I'm (seriously) no good. I tinker with photography (and photoshop). Oh, and I built a fence. Yep. 90 feet long. Uh-huh.

7.  Do you enjoy getting together with your family?

Mmm. Family. Well, my family is very very small. Tiny, even. And I live across a sea. Intentional or not, we don't get together that often. Like maybe every two or three years. Do I pine for family gatherings? Uh, no. I do love them. We just don't have that much in common.

8.  Do you blog on or

Nope. Blogger-girl all the way here.

9.  What is your favorite color?

They asked me that for my author's profile at Pure Slush. Here's my answer:

What is your favourite colour? Why?
Can't believe I'm stuck at the first question. I have several favorites, for different things, but if I have to choose just one… Red. Or hot pink.

10.  Do you take or do or believe in natural, alternative health?

Uh... Well, I'm a smoker, which I guess immediately puts me in the non-healthy camp. I've also been fortunate (knock on wood)--not a single hospital visit, not even outpatient. No broken bones ever, no chronic diseases. But I do believe in a holistic approach to well-being. Being Mexican, I grew up with teas and other natural remedies to treat everything from upset stomach to coughs to scorpion stings.

11.  What do you wish I had asked you?

Good question. No clue.

I'm also supposed to choose some awesome bloggers to pass on the award, but... I have issues with choices at the moment. Thus, I pass it on to everyone. Period. If you want to join the fun, share some random facts about yourself, and pass the fun on yourself to bloggers of your choosing, please--do. 

I hope you enjoyed finding out something new about Quiet Laughter. Thanks again, Cheryl!


  1. Happy two year anniversary and congrats!

    Nine dogs? Wow. We just adopted a dog from a foster home, she's settled in well and we all love her, but I can't imagine nine! Fostering's an awesome thing to do though!

    1. Thanks, Nick! And congratulations to you on adopting a rescued dog! Just like that, you became one of my favorite persons :)

  2. Your comment form button is not working so I am posting here to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award - can always use two, right? I would be honored if you accept it.

    The link is:


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