Monday, August 12, 2013

Accountability Week 2

So since I found #writemotivation via the awesome Damyanti (and thanks to K.T. Hanna for inventing it! I'll join the Roll Call in Sept, I promise), I moved these accountability posts to Monday. Hope you don't mind.

Epic fail this past week. Epic. Zero words written. Nada. Oh, we're counting emails? Okay, then log in my word count at +/- 1,000 for the week.

I've got awesome excuses--rescued 14 puppies, all under 7 weeks old, and two moms, got bitten in the process, had to get a tetanus shot (why anyone who works this much with dogs doesn't have regular tetanus shots is a really good question) which basically incapacitated my left arm--but you're not here to listen to mitigating circumstances.


I'm not going to rack or Judas-Cradle myself about it, either. But I will make sure this doesn't happen again. How?

I will write for a minimum of two hours every morning, from 7 to 9, every day. If other activities allow, I will write more.

I will write for a minimum of two hours in the afternoon, every day. As above, I'll write more if I can.

So basically I have four hours a day committed to writing. That should guarantee that this week these goals actually get done:

Project 1 (the novel): finish revision on Part I (another 13 chapters).
Project 2 (the Pure Slush serial): finish a final draft of March, first drafts of April and May.


  1. Awesome. Here's wishing you the very best in your efforts. Accountability really is the key to success--as I've learned through my facebook group where we report our progress each day. Show off that I am, I'm always trying to outdo them. Good stuff, eh?

  2. Accountability is so important. I'm falling a little behind on my goals for the month. Need to get cracking.

  3. I hope your arm heals soon. You do such awesome work rescuing dogs, I admire you.

    As to writing, let it come to you. While committing specific hours is important, let it be more play than work first. Have you tried free writing ? Also I like reading Natalie Goldberg's Writing down the Bones when I'm having an unproductive spell.

    Love yourself and your writing, Guilie. You're a wonderful, special person, and if you love yourself as such, your creative side will blossom :).

    Gosh, do I sound too new-agey?

    Maybe I do, but I love you and your visits to my blog -- and wish you all kinds of positivity. Hence this sudden outburst :)

  4. Well, you may not have achieved your writing goals, but you achieved things just as important. Those puppies would have been loss without you.

    Good luck on the 4 hours a day of writing! Really should force myself to do something like that, I do have so much time. But I just get distracted by the season of Doctor Who and Torchwood I recently acquired. *sigh* I have to get in the habit of writing again before NaNo.


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