Thursday, November 10, 2011

More on Revision

I really shouldn't be posting about this now.  I should be focused on NaNo, writing like crazy...  But this post I just found, from Janice Hardy over at The Other Side of the Story, is so great and struck so many chords for me, that I had to share.  And also, this way I'll have it linked here and easily findable when I finally get around to finishing that hardest of the hard revisions for Restoring Experience--the last one.

If you're revising and you haven't seen Janice's post yet (it's from yesterday), please take a jump over now and bookmark it, or print it, or do whatever you do with valuable information on the internet.  I thought it was brilliant--hopefully you will too.

In the immortal words of Rick Bylina (another fantastic blog on writing by a self-published author of uncommon wit and brilliant insight), Write on!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'm nowhere near the revision stage yet, but have bookmarked this for when I get to that point. Great advice!

    Best of luck on NaNo!! :)

  2. Thanks, Julie :) Oh, enjoy the brief ecstasy of no-revision :D It'll end all too soon... But, as much as I hate it, I do admit that that's where the story really begins to come into its own. One day, perhaps, I'll be able to say "I love revisions". Not yet. But I do respect them :)


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