Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Awards!

Brilliant blogger and darkish author E.R. King of Get Busy Writing passed me the Liebster Blog award, the Versatile Blogger Award and the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award (a month ago... I'm nothing if not a procrastinator, dammit).

This entails, of course, profusely thanking Emily:

Then I need to share seven things about myself--I'll share seven more, since I'd already shared some when Stuart Nager of Tale Spinning passed the Versatile Blogger Award to me in September:

1) I smoke in copious quantities.
2) I hate making beds.
3) Whiners and over-sensitive people REALLY get on my nerves.  When a friend is in trouble, feeling down and depressed or in a slump, I'm a great cheerleader.  That's not what I mean.  I mean whiners--the real ones, the ones that will find something to complain about in every situation, the ones that constantly fall so you have to pick them up.  Get over it, already.
4) I'm an overachiever, and I tend to be really hard on myself (probably related to the whiner-hate mentioned above).
5) I haven't read The Hunger Games.  I don't intend to.
6) I did read Twilight.  Yeah, the whole thing.  Several times.  And screamed at the movies when Jacob took off his shirt in the motorcycle scene.
7) I'm not planning on having children.  Yeah, that makes me a bit of an oddity back home in Mexico.

And, last but most certainly not least, I'm charged with passing the awards on to five new blogs I've discovered.  

And the winners are:

Angela Guillaume, who says "No Rules, No Formulas.  Just Love."  If that isn't versatile, then I don't know what is.

A woman of unbridled talent at Do Little Say Much, for her machinima talent and in celebration of the animation she recently went live with--you MUST see this video!  Ms. Do Little Say Much does exactly the opposite--she's done so much!

Author Luke Romyn at Meandering Musings of a Mutated Mind--his posts are as versatile as I've seen, and his humor is outstanding.

The Lit Connection, described in its About section as a chronicle of culture.  Right up my alley :)

Author Thea Atkinson, who writes character-driven fiction

Awardees, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to 1) share seven random (preferably little-known, to keep us interested) facts about you, and 2) pass the award (whichever one you prefer, or all three) on to five other bloggers of special relevance to you.  

Please don't feel any obligation to do any of this if you don't want to--it's a busy month, and not only for us Wrimos out here.  This is simply my way of showing appreciation to you and to your blog for its content.



  1. You're so welcome for the awards. As for whiners, I could live without them too. I prefer Twilight over the Hunger Games, and I'm proud of it. And last but not least, have children, don't have children. Do what's right for you!

  2. LOL, Emily.... Yeah, those whiners, man! :D The children issue is easy to solve in my head (none), but it continues to amaze me that in this day and age people are so freaked out by the fact that I made that decision. You'd think I was putting the survival of the species at risk, hehehe.

  3. Hey Guilie! Oooooooooh thank you for the award! I'm so chuffed! And yes, whiners are no good... not when we have so much power to turn our lives around! Re children, it's your decision to make. I used to think that but at 38 I finally had a son. It will be my only son (despite what people keep telling me - give him a sibling, why only one, etc, etc, etc). That said, he's my best achievement yet, but a lot of work because I decided I want to turn him into a decent human being. Toughest kind of work. I have no regrets, but I believe in freedom. Do what makes you happy.


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