Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday (December 11)

And... another Six Sentence Sunday!  This is the last excerpt I share from Chapter 7 of the WIP (Restoring Experience)--next week you'll meet Alexia's boyfriend.  I know you're all rooting for Michael here, but poor Dan also deserves a chance :)

Michael just tried to kiss Alexia before leaving for Acapulco, and she's outraged.  Now, she's a good Mexican girl who's been in a steady relationship for seven years, but...  I can't help thinking she's overreacting a bit.  What do you think?

“A kiss is not just a kiss.”  
What did he mean, ‘just a kiss’?  A kiss is—surrender.  Silver-screen romance ends in a kiss, princesses are woken from cursed slumber by a kiss, marriages and other worthy commitments are sealed with a kiss.  A kiss is acceptance of everything else to come.  It’s the beginning of…  well, everything.

Michael is a broad-minded guy and I'm sure he'd have been open to all sorts of reactions...  But I don't think he was expecting this one.

If you're getting tired of this story please do let me know--we'll switch to the new WIP, the NaNo novel, see how you like that one.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone, and remember to visit the other SSS participants this week.  Great talent there, and some awesome blogs to discover.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. depends on the kiss and who's kissing - sometimes just a kiss - sometimes not so much

  2. I totally agree about kisses and their epic importance. Great six!

  3. Tired of this story? How can you think that? Things are getting really interesting...and now I want to get a glimpse of Dan. Well done, Guilie!

  4. You just made me realize how important kisses are! :-) Great six.

  5. Thank you for the visit, everyone! So glad you liked this little snippet :) I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner--it was a busy Sunday. But I'm off to your own blogs now--see you in a bit!

  6. Definitely overreacting...unless the guy is someone she really wants. ;) Fun six, Guilie.

  7. Great little excerpt portraying how kisses can be--and often are--interpreted differently by different people. Well done, Guilie.

  8. Very nice! Kisses can create terrible complications lol

  9. Loved this - and how can you even think of stopping here??? :)

    And I totally agree - a kiss is definitely, well, something!


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