Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Write 1, Sub 1--Jan Week 1

I signed up for the Write1Sub1 challenge in 2012--weekly.  That means that, in Bradbury tradition, I must write one new short story every week and submit it--somewhere.  Magazine, online or print.  The rules aren't so strict--the basic idea is that every week you write a story, and every week you submit a story--can be the same one, can be another one.

And Mondays (Tuesday this week, due to the fact that on Monday I guest blogged at Daily (W)rite--about murdering your way to a Pulitzer, hehehehe!  Go take a look--it's a fun post) will be my accountability days.

Last week I wrote a flash piece for the writers' group I belong to, titled Death Row--just under 400 words.  And yesterday, Sunday, I submitted The Purity of Blackness, another older piece, to Dark River Press, a print and online publication that specializes in horror--done intelligently.  Let's see if they think Purity is intelligent enough :)


  1. Oh dears that's a lot of stories. I've been playing with the idea of doing one every month (and if I'm gonna go through with that I should probably get started), but one a week is a lot. I'm impressed. I wish you lots of luck!

  2. The Pure Slush one rocks. And you already have the starters cause you have the 400 in hand.


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