Friday, April 11, 2014

#atozchallenge: Interaction

The 2014: A Year In Stories project has been a revelation.

I knew Pure Slush was a great publisher. I knew their fiction was ground-breaking, their editor a jewel, their work ethic top-notch. I knew the project itself was unique. I knew it would be a lot of work. I knew it would improve my craft.

Part of the beauty of an anthology is the introduction to new writers. I looked forward to that; to reading authors I didn't know, to seeing how they had handled the project constraints, to watching them work their particular brand of magic.

I did not expect the interaction.

The thirty-one writers of the project--most of them, anyway--have banded, or perhaps bonded, together. We interact daily on Facebook, on the Pure Slush page and the project page, and on Stephen V. Ramey's blog, where he reviews the story of the day every day. We trade impressions on characterization, plot developments, language, setting. We take pot shots at what's going to happen next month; Stephen even started running polls. We commiserate on missed deadlines (yes, we're still writing). We've become involved with each other and the projects we're working on alongside 2014.

We've become friends.

Obviously, this has enhanced my enjoyment of the project as a whole. It also started me thinking.

As bloggers, interaction is something we value. Covet, even. As bloggers, we get it every time someone leaves a comment. But what interaction do we get as writers?

Everyone says the writing life is lonely. The 2014 project has taught me it doesn't have to be.

~ * ~

Are you a writer? How much do you interact with other writers? With your readers? What works best for you? As a reader, do you interact with the authors of what you read? Does it stay at an I'm your fan, please sign my book, or have you had the opportunity to take it deeper? 

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge!
(Sorry for the late posting. Life's gone berserk.)


  1. I like the idea that writing doesn't have to be lonely! Some of my own favorite writing experiences took place in a few college writing courses I took several years ago. The interaction between the instructor and students is what stayed with me, even more than the writing. A number of those folks remain my friends to this day.
    Great post!

  2. I belong to a very private FB group of writers, from the newbies like me to top selling authors (with movies in the works). It's amazing how you do bond with the right mix of people.

    Donna B. McNicol
    A to Z Participant


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