Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#atozchallenge: Zoology

2014: A Year In Stories
A twelve-volume anthology published by Pure Slush Books

I want to end on a light note. Some of the posts in this series got a little ponderous, a tad heavy on the wank--which is ironic, since Pure Slush's slogan is Flash... Without the Wank.

The 2014 project is a landmark happening, and all of us participating are honored to be a part of it, but that doesn't give us--me, at least--the right to take myself so seriously.

Writing is meant to be fun. Yes, it's hard work--especially if one wants to get good enough to play in the big leagues--but I hope life will always find ways to lighten me up.

And this is why I give you the Find your Inner Animal quiz!

Thank you, Hans Pleij
and CURious2Dive,  for the photo--
and for the amazing dives!
Some of the 2014 authors who were in the mood to play along with me and my--sophomoric-ness? sophomoricity?--took the test for themselves or their 2014 characters--or both.

Gay Degani, whose work you read in several of this series' posts, and who's not just part of the 2014 project but also editor at Every Day Fiction, and just had a novel published, is
an octopus

(Somehow I'm not surprised.)

Mandy Nicol, who's participated extensively in the A-to-Z series for the 2014 project, and who's a fellow animal lover with whom I hope I'm establishing the foundations for a good friendship (even though we live continents apart), is 
a Moose.

Mandy was also the only brave author to volunteer her 2014 protag for the test. Nadia--the seamstress that lives with her mom and gets badgered by her sister, and who'd have no problem at all with a one-night stand (if it happened out of town; otherwise there'd be talk)--is 
a Great White Shark.

(I wonder if she herself knows about her potential to, uh, bite.)

(Image credit)
Stephen V. Ramey, the other author who contributed more material and insight to this A-to-Z series than I could've ever asked for, who's given the project a huge boost by reviewing the day's story every day, and whose 2014 series has a suspiciously eponymous protagonist (although the author insists it's not, at least not completely, autobiographical), is 
a Lynx.


I'm trying hard not to take my own result personally. You'd be sensitive about it, too, if you'd been born in a country where the average height was three inches shorter than yours. I never learned to walk in high heels--in ballet slippers I was already taller than everyone around me (except my dad, who, we therefore assume, is to blame for the whole issue to begin with). The test says I'm...
Not funny.
(Image credit)
a Giraffe.

Luis Villalobos, my character from the 2014 project--the superstar tax attorney, soon-to-be Managing Director at a prime firm, who perceives himself as the prototype of an A personality, the lion of the herd, the Alpha male (and doesn't the fact he's sleeping with his boss--that's right, the MD he's going to replace next year--prove that?)--poor, delusional Luis came out as 
a Big Horn Sheep.

(The "big horn" part doesn't come even close to mitigating the shame of the "sheep" bit. Poor Luis. One wonders if he'll keep fighting to be a lion, or if he'll embrace his nature--and, perhaps, come to be happier. You can read Luis's progress stories for free in the Amazon previews of the January, February, March, April, and May books. The May one is happening tomorrow!)

I'm a lion in sheep's clothing. Hear me BAAAAAAAA!
(Image credit)

And you? If you have a minute to play, go take the test. Are you the animal you expected? Did the result reveal something surprising about yourself?

Most importantly, will you not-so-solemnly swear to do something every day to remind yourself that life shouldn't be taken so seriously?

~ * ~

Thank you for the company on this A-to-Z journey. I apologize for the late posts, the misposts, the long-windedness. I hope you enjoyed discovering these authors as much as I've enjoyed telling you about them, and if you do get a chance to read the books (all or some) in the 2014 series, please do come back and tell me what you think. 

Looking forward to returning all your blogger love during May!


  1. That was a fun exercise for a finale. I got a Moose. :) I had fun reading your posts and am still catching up on the ones I missed. Congrats on completing the challenge! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading some of the stories. I would appreciate it if you would take a few moments to vote for your favorite ones.

    1. Madhu, thank you for the visit! As you see, I'm also catching up... slowly :D Thanks for being here throughout April, and I'll hop over to your blog, although I'm probably too late for the voting. It was a pleasure to find you, and I look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. Whew! We did it. Congrats on finishing A to Z.


  3. Hi Guilie .. I was a Chimpanzee ... not that enthusiastic re the animal .. but one in a million - I'll hang on to!!! With a laugh to accompany it ...

    Zoology is an interesting topic and we certainly need to protect all about us .. congratulations on finishing with your Z ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you, Hilary! I'm so glad you took the hop over to the test. A chimpanzee, eh? Highly intelligent, too close to humans for the comfort of some--I love them :)

  4. Eek, I was/am a crocodile! Not an incorrect diagnosis!
    Guilie thank you for all your fabulous posts and being with us on this A-Z challenge! Just being you has made me smile often. It's heartwarming to 'know' one such as you.
    Garden of Eden Blog

    1. Crocodile? Love it! :D

      Susan, thank YOU for YOUR fabulous posts! It's been a pleasure to find you (one of the many perks of the A-to-Z), and I look forward to many back-and-forth visits throughout the year.

  5. It's true. I'm a hellbender salamander. But how did they know that?

    Congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge. :-)

    1. A hellbender salamander??? I want to be one, too! :D

  6. I am Emperor Penguin!! This was so much fun Guilie! :D
    Thanks for a fabulous time here throughout A-Z! Hope to stay connected!

    1. So glad you liked the animal test, Aditi! It was super fun to meet you through the challenge, and I look forward to exchanging lots more visits throughout the year :)

  7. I'd say I'm a great white shark, but knowing the connotation makes me think otherwise. Ha!

    1. Great Whites are totally misunderstood ;) Thanks for the visit, Emily!


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