Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#atozchallenge: Thievery! (And Tawdry Excuses)

I had a post for T. No, really. I did. A most magnificent, witty, and non-verbose gem of a post. And it's gone!

Thievery is what it is. Those trolls--they've graduated into stalking sumptuous posts and stealing them. Yes! Right from my drafts. Just--whoosh, gone.

Whaddaya mean it's not possible?

It's not?

Hmm. Well, then.

Blogger ate my homework T post!

Sincere apologies. The 2014: A Year In Stories series will be back with U.
In the meantime, visit the other A-to-Z-ers--some outstanding blogs and bloggers
just waiting to be discovered.


  1. Sorry you lost your post but nice save with 'thievery'!

  2. At least it's more original then "the dog ate my homework". Hmm. Dog eats post. There's an idea worth filing for future reference.

    1. That would've been a good one to use for the missing T post on the dog blog, actually :D Thanks for stopping by anyway!


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