Monday, September 12, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award -- Part II

Yes, Part II is here.  So yesterday I made good on the first two of three commitments I accepted by accepting this award from Stuart Nager at Tale Spinning.  Today is the day I pass this on to 15 blogs I've recently discovered -- if they'll accept.  Regardless of whether they accept or not, please do take a stroll around these marvelous places:

It's All About Writing, Nicole Humphrey
Jonathan Dalar, who blogs on some interesting perspectives for Dystopia
John Geddes, whose writing is, truly, versatile.
Intense Sensations, a blog that reviews sensual literature
Laura Stanfill.  Truly beautiful -- concise, so perfect it cuts -- prose
Martha Carr, who's writing a short thriller every week -- don't miss it!
Haiku Blog
Rough Water John, for some truly awesome poetry by a -- yep -- Pirate!
A Blog About Writing, Arts and Other Randomness...
Austereseeker, a member of my writer's group that writes brilliantly
1000th Monkey
Book Republik
From The Inkwell, From The Vein
Jools Sinclair
Write Castles In The Sky

Now it's your turn.  Thank your awarder (that'd be me) and link back to their blog.  Share seven things about yourself.  And pass the award on to 15 blogs you've discovered recently.

Thank you for being part of this community!  It is much, much appreciated!


  1. Gosh, Guilie, I thought I was the victim of a practical joke at first when I saw your comment. You know, like when someone phones you up and tells you they think you're sexy and all that and it turns out you're live on radio and making a fool of yourself.

    But you have a truly wonderful cross-cultural blog so I am delighted by your award.

    Give me a while to read and digest the instructions and I will follow them to the letter.

  2. Hahahahahaha... You know, I thought about it. I tried to word the notifications in such a way that people would know I'd actually READ their blogs, but it was hard. Took me an hour to get them all out -- whew! But it's worth the effort: there's so much great content out there that needs to be seen!

    Thanks for wanting to participate. It looked really confusing to me at first, but it ended up being fun. Hope you enjoy it too!

  3. Cool...15 new blogs to check out. And so, it spreads...

  4. Wow, Guilie, thank you so very much! I've so enjoyed getting to know you a little through G+ and your blog, and I'm thrilled to accept this award. I look forward to checking out the other blogs you listed, too.

  5. Thank you.
    Now I've run out of things to say.

    (will add links to reader)

  6. Thanks for this Giulie, much appreciated. I'll make an effort to pass it on.
    And thanks for pointing me in the direction of some interesting blogs.

  7. Hi Guilie, I am so chuffed. Of course, I'll accept! I can't believe it. My first award ever. Thank you so much. I am going to read the other bloggers you selected (the other lucky fellows)and it'll be with pure delight that I will follow your instructions. Funnily enough I was thinking of doing something like that. 15 blogs is a lot. And I daresay it'll take me more than an hour. But I'll do it for sure.

  8. It is done. Again thank you Guilie.

  9. Congrats to the winners! Just popped by to follow ahead of the Rule of Three blogfest. Have a great weekend. :-)

  10. Congrats on the award! Isn't it great to know you're loved? : )

  11. I don't have your e-mail, so I'll respond to your comment here. For the awards, each of the rules is different, but overall you're supposed to give 7 things about yourself and then pass the award onto 5-15 bloggers of your choice. I did five bloggers to keep it simple. I've found that the rules to the awards are meant to be broken. : ) And if you don't want, you don't have to post about it. That's up to you!


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