Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's March 1st! Which can mean only one thing...

2014 March Vol. 3
A Pure Slush Project
My March story in the 2014 A Year In Stories project is happening. What is Luis Villalobos up to today? On January 1st it was his "walk of shame (well, drive of shame)" (from fellow project writer Stephen V. Ramey's review of The Miracle of Small Things) the morning after sleeping with his boss. February 1 threw the reader into the obscure (and not so clean) world of international finance (read Stephen's review of The Chablis & Sushi Miracle).

And March 1? Back to forbidden-sex grief? More hidden-financial-assets trouble (and lingo)?


You can keep guessing, or you can take a hop over to the Amazon preview and read the story.

If you like it, think about this: the other stories in the series are each better than the next. And the other writers... I'm in overwhelmingly outstanding company.

After reading you might want to drop in on Stephen's review--yes, it's already up!--and vote on what you think is going to happen next month.

If you like short stories, please consider buying the book (available in print & .epub via, too) -- you're in for a year-long treat.

Either way, do take that hop over to Amazon to read the preview and my story. Would love to hear what you think, either here or in Stephen's blog.

Happy March 1st!


  1. You've created a fabulous character in Luis, so interesting and amusing to see him pinballed beyond his comfort zone.
    Love starting off the months with your stories Guilie.

  2. Hi Guilie - sounds like a wonderful way to write stories .. and then have the opportunity to put them in an anthology - cheers Hilary

  3. Forbidden sex-grief, I like that. The phrase I mean. Of course you knew that already... (cough)

  4. Oh, and I didn't know you got an Honourable mention in the Elemental contest for Clarity of Night. Good piece, enjoyed it! (I came a rather lucky third in that contest).


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