Sunday, August 24, 2014


Tina Downey, of Life Is Good, passed away last night. I knew her briefly, intermittently, but I always enjoyed her posts. Her family have posted a goodbye of sorts on her blog; if you can, stop by and leave a verbal handful of rose petals.

Much light to you, Tina, wherever you are. And thank you. For everything.


  1. This such sad news, I too visited and left a few words, but it feels so less.
    RIP Tina, God Bless.

  2. Hi Guilie - she will be sorely missed by those who knew her well, and those she briefly touched via the A-Z and/or in the blogging fraternity ... with sadness - Hilary

  3. #lifeisgood

    Tina is missed.

    The words on your other post-- "nothing, and no one, we love is ever truly lost" -- seem fitting today.


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