Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#BoTB results -- Gabriel's Oboe

This came perilously close to being a shut-out.

Here's the tally, without my vote:


Yo Yo Ma

Thanks to Lee and John for keeping it at a more acceptable blow-out instead. Wouldn't it have been horrible if the Great Ennio had left without a single vote?

Powerful lessons here. We all more or less agreed that Morricone is a brilliant composer; some of us--including me--count his soundtracks among our all-time favorite music. And yet... even then most of us prefer Yo Yo Ma's version.

It was a tad unfair, I admit... Pitting musician/interpreter against composer/conductor. Orchestra/choir vs. soloist. But I truly thought the "unfairness" would work against, and not for, Yo Yo Ma. I'm pleased with the results, I admit--I've always felt guilty for enjoying his version on my iPod more than the actual film soundtrack. And your voting helped me understand why: there's a core difference between music composed for a film--music arranged for a film--and the arrangement required for a stand-alone piece. It was a battle not just between musician/interpreter and composer/conductor, not even between arrangements, but between different senses of the function of music.

Loved this. Thank you all for the visits and the votes and, especially, the insights.

See y'all on August 1st!


  1. GUILIE ~
    I'm sure glad you were able to avoid a shutout. The closest I ever came to a shutout was my BOTB #2, where MY OWN VOTE was the only one that kept it from being Something to Zip.

    The funny thing is, I was SURE that the cover I was voting for was going to clobber the original. As I was putting that contest together, I was actually worried that it could be a shutout IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION from how it nearly was. (I thank ME for saving me on that one. Ha!)

    As I said, that was just my second ever BOTB, and I've learned A LOT about how to put the Battles together since then. But even so, sometimes I'm STILL surprised by a BOTB result that I didn't see coming.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Much as I love Morricone, choirs are a turnoff, plus Yo-Yo Ma's version sounded more pleasing to the ears. You have inspired me to do a BOTB in future, using Ennio's music. Hopefully, he'll fare better then. ☺

  3. This was a great BOTB and it pained me to vote for Yo-Yo (:))...Ma. I loved the choir but something spoke to me with Yo-Yo-Ma's work

  4. It was nice to see the outcome for this. I also find it interesting when the same song is put up against two different genres of music. The enthusiast in us of a particular genre is going to be more inclined to like only that version, versus one of a genre we don't like. Like a country vs pop song. Or Folk song vs celtic punk.

  5. Glad I could be of assistance in preventing a shut out. I tend to like a classical extravaganza .

    Wrote By Rote


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