Friday, April 1, 2016

#BoTB: Thunderstruck

Music can be so versatile... as versatile, in fact, as the musician. And only as versatile as the musician. And these two take AC/DC's Thunderstruck to a whole new level.

Which of these two versions of Thurderstruck do you like most (or dislike the least)? Which of the two—guitar maverick Luca Stricagnoli or the rebels of 2Cellos—do you feel accomplishes the better musicianship? Are you a fan of classical crossovers? What do you think of that rumor making the rounds about Axel Rose replacing Brian Johnson as AC/DC's lead vocals? Cast your vote and share your thoughts in the comments, and come back next Friday to check which way the voting went.

And when you're done voting here, take a hop over to visit these other Battle of the Bands participants for more awesome musical face-offs. As always, a gratitude shout-out to hosts Stephen T. McCarthy and Far Away Eyes for keeping the BoTB going!

P.S. — I apologize upfront; due to the A-to-Z Challenge (which I'm participating in with the dog blog) I may be a bit late replying and visiting you back. But I will get there :) And if you're doing the A-to-Z this April, please let me know!


  1. I was a bit concerned when I saw "AC/DC" since I am not a fan. These artists were far from the group with the short pants guy so I was relieved.

    Since I'm a fan of cello music I figured I'd be voting for them. They were good but perhaps a bit too raucous for me. I'm going with the guitar player--I like his arrangement of the song better.

    Interesting battle.

    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. I love the uniqueness of the musicians, I like the arrangement by Luca Stricagnoli and he gets my vote.

  3. Congratulations on such a unique battle, Guilie! I'm a sucker for guitar music so it's "Si" to Luca Stricagnoli. The cello guys were interesting, nonetheless.

  4. Wow, these three musicians really knocked it out. I loved the video of the battling cellos: the faces on and the reactions of the audience members were hilarious. Loved the breaking strings with the powerful playing. It was fun to watch.
    But for pure listening pleasure, I'm going to go with Luca Stricagnoli. That boy has some talent! Please give Luca my vote.

    Fun battle Guilie!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  5. Cellos, baby! They get my vote and wow, what an awesome battle. Good job, my friend.

    Let's A-to-Z this month without apology!

    Cherdo on the Flipside
    "Favorite Characters, Favorite Lines" on the A-to-Z Challenge 2016

  6. I'm not an AC/DC fan, nonetheless... Luca Stricagnoli was quite entertaining! Give my vote to him, please.

  7. I'd say that for entertainment value, the cello boys won that one. At the end, the audience looked Thunderstruck. Seriously.

    However, this is about musicality. Who does it best musically? And that is Luca (for me) no question. His guitar playing is beautiful to listen to and beautiful to watch. So give the man with the amazing hands my vote. That would be Luca:)

    And, yes, I'm A to Zing this month. It's all music all month, so I think you'll like it. I hope you play along!

  8. Guilie,

    Believe it or not, I'm not only familiar with this AC/DC song, but I've listened to 2Cellos version years ago. At first, I thought I'd pick them and after I listened to Luca Stricagnoli then I went nuts over his cover. Give my vote to Stricagnoli for a funtastic guitar arrangement of Thunderstruck.
    Curious as a Cathy
    All Things Vintage: Artists #AprilA2Z #BoTB

  9. I LOVE classical cross-overs. Bond is one of my favourite groups.
    Both versions of this song were very entertaining. I loved how the 2cello bows were destroyed by the end. LOL Such a shame they were playing for such squares. The kids seemed to enjoy it. But I was also impressed by the first version, Luca Stricagnoli. He performed very well. The fact he was playing in an old abandoned warehouse made it even cooler. After much deliberation, I have decided to give my vote to Luca. What a performance.
    Awesome battle. I loved LOVED it.

  10. I love classical cross overs so this was interesting. I loved Luca's performance and felt I could hear the original but he stil made it his own. The other 2, while very skilled, got on my elves so much that I had to turn it off. I couldn't hear the original in it at all so Luca gets my vote

  11. Damn, GUILIE! What a great BOTB installment! After watching and listening to the guitarist play, I thought for sure he'd get my vote. I mean, I like cellos, but two cellos aren't going to match that guitarist.


    Not only were those guys fantastic on the cellos, but the video was absolutely entertaining! I literally laughed-out-loud several times.

    Musically, this is a close call to make - both are A-list. But since I MUST find some reason to choose one over the other, I'll go with the 2CELLOS because the video gave them that little edge.

    I almost didn't even watch the video; was just going to read other comments while I listened. So glad I got pulled into the video because although it starts all serious-like, it sure does get surprisingly funny as it goes on.

    Terrific Battle, Guilie. I think, for me, this might have been your best.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. Actually, I liked both of these quite a lot. I'm gonna give my vote to the 2 cellos, just because.

    I'm not doing the A to Z thing, did it once and that was enough for me. Good luck to you.


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