Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday (Oct. 23)

And...  One more week of Six Sentence Sunday.  I'm getting into the habit, although it's still a challenge to PICK the six sentences I share.  I'm trying to keep linearity (is that even a word?) and continuity so that you "get" into the story, but at the same time I want to share the most interesting bits or the ones that I'm tweaking in order to get your feedback.  *Sigh*.  Choices, choices.

This week I found a snippet of the same scene from last Sunday that I'd like your impressions on.  Michael tried to convince Alexia to come to Acapulco with him and the other language students for a weekend.  Alexia, a Mexican twenty-something, is an English teacher at the school and not part of Michael's Spanish group.  She also has a boyfriend, and Michael is making it hard to be 'just' friends.  If you'd like a little more background info you can find it at the Work-In-Progress tab above.

I also cheated a bit.  I merged two sentences into one in order to make it six.

“I really, really wish you’d come--I’m going to miss you all weekend.”  He reached for my hand, and I let him.  We were alone in the lobby, after all.  The shock of his touch hadn’t diminished, but the shape of his hand was becoming familiar.  My fingers fit between his very comfortably. 

“Michael, you only met me two days ago.  How can you miss me already?”
Please remember to visit the other Six-Sundayers -- there are some great stories in there!


  1. Wonderful six sentences! I wish you a ton of sales with your books! Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween!

    Stephanie Adkins

  2. Oh I love this little snippet. makes me want to read more.

  3. Such emotion. The first person makes it more poignant. Very bittersweet xoxo

  4. Love this! I wonder what's gonna happen now - love triangle? You've got me rubbing my hands with glee :)

  5. The last sentence is my favorite. It says alot about both characters here. Very good!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, girls--so happy to see you here :) Glad you enjoyed this... I actually forgot to put the link up at the SSS site, LOL, but I'm glad you got to see this. I'll try to post next week right where we left off, if it's interesting enough. Happy Halloween!

  7. Very cool! I like the excerpt you posted. Michael sounds like my kinda guy. : )


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