Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaNo Update 2012/11/14

I have been remiss in my NaNo updates, haven't I? Yeah... Well, I've been remiss in my NaNo, period. I'm far behind my goal of 35K (2.5K per day x 14 days)--almost by half.


Why? I haven't finished revising Novel #1. Revising a novel and NaNo'ing require different sets of skills--for NaNo one wants more words, it's all about twisting open that faucet of creativity all the way, but revising requires cutting words, evaluating each one and making sure it carries its weight. You can probably imagine what a mess my head is from trying to do both.

Even on separate days. See those brown lines below that stay the same day after day? Those are the days I've spent editing MANTRA.

BUT I will catch up. Today I will write 5K words, no excuses. No dog rescuing, no laundry (well, maybe a load. Or two). No leaving this chair until I have a minimum of 5K in that section at the top that says Words Written Today.

No excuses.

And I'll post the updated screenshot sometime before midnight to prove it.


  1. Go go go!

    Though really, I think it's amazing you're tackling writing and revisions on two different projects at the same time. I forewent NaNo in favor of heavy revisions on an older book, myself.

  2. Yeah, that is exactly why I don't write and revise in the same week, or month even. Glad you are not dismayed by being behind, and I wish you success in catching up. Keep going!

  3. Strike at that keyboard like there's no tomorrow!


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