Saturday, October 12, 2013

Who's up for NaNo this year?

I'm addicted. 3rd year, novel #4. Join me!


  1. You are brave!
    The idea of NaNo terrifies me! So many words in a limited time frame... eeeek!
    Go Guilie!

    1. It's fun, Michelle. The worst thing that can happen is we don't make it--which, of course, we won't unless we participate, right? Nothing to lose, and lots to win. Not just the word count, but the month-long gagging and binding of the internal editor--I'll pay good money to see that :D I hope you'll join us one of these years.

  2. Maybe I'll start a nano-NANO. I've done no manuscript writing. Zilch. None. 5,000 words in a month would be incredible for me. Sigh.

  3. I'm in....but slightly panicked. lol I just moved my writing desk into my bedroom, away from my studio where the temptation to paint would woo me from my laptop. Two days to start fleshing out a character? Yeah....


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