Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One chance at redemption, 2013

I've been horribly delinquent on this blog. Every single blog-related commitment I've made this year--the A-Z challenge, Write1Sub1, the Perú series, the Curaçao series, the Accountability Reports--has sputtered and died before ever roaring into life.

Actually, every writing-related commitment I've made this year (so far) has been a fiasco. I promised I'd finish editing that novel in the first quarter--no check. Then it was before summer--no check. Then it was before September--no check. Before NaNo--no check.

There was that beautiful plan I had for NaNo, that shared project I was so excited about. I took that tutorial on outlining and decided to use the method for that project. I'd spend October outlining, be ready to smash through NaNo with 100K words (at least). Double the NaNo goal. Doable because of the outline.

But the project didn't pan out, largely in part due to the fact I didn't finish the outline in time.

So the novel I'm writing is un-outlined. An idea--a scene, really--that's been haunting my imagination for a while. On Oct. 31st I opened up Scrivener, created a new novel file, came up with an awesome title (Stormy Nights Full of Grace--and if you think it's awful, please don't burst my bubble), created a character sketch template, and then scribbled patiently, waiting for the characters to introduce themselves. The barest silhouettes emerged by midnight, and so I had no choice but to embrace my pantster self and plunge in.

Thus, my only chance at redemption this year is NaNo. 30 days (and nights); 100K words. (That other project might have fallen through, but I'm not about to give up the crazy goal so quickly.)

So far so good. If you were around in previous Novembers, though, you might remember my Procrastination Danger Zone begins around the 10th. I'm hoping the weight of this year's goal (100K! 50K x 2!) will keep my ninja expertise in delaying tactics at bay.

Yes, please. Any cheering--anything in the range between a kick in the butt and a sweet Brava!--will help.


  1. Ha! I’m waiting for Mercury in Retrograde to get Out. Of.The.Way. We’ve had to suffer this three times this year… Five more days and she’s finally gone for the year. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

    1. Haha... Mercury retrograde--love it :D Hope it relents soon ;)


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