Monday, January 13, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 -- #8

Welcome to the last week of the Kuantan Blog's Top 20 Challenge! Today's photo is one of my all-time favorites.

April 2013, Perú (Convent of Santa Catalina, Arequipa)

Come back tomorrow for more of Perú, this time back to the capital, Lima, and the Museo Larco.


  1. This was a cool picture.
    It would be easy to enlarge and hang on the wall.
    Neat! Beautiful färger.Jag like grate.
    What's that you've photographed?
    Fun with different images.
    Have a good day Kramizzzzzzzz

    1. Thanks, Lotta! I'm super flattered you liked this shot. It's the old "laundry room" of the convent. There's a stone aqueduct in the center and metal pipes spout water from it into the split clay containers. The clothes would be washed in these containers. Creative, eh? Especially because it dates from the 17th century ;)

  2. Great photo! The colors are amazing. The nuns had long days . . . some years ago, a classmate entered a convent but didn't last long as her duties included working in the laundry room: As a sign of piety novices had to wash habits by hand, then iron them with a flat iron.

    Thanks for your heartwarming comment about the situation in Namibia. I also feel less alone as so many around me are just shrugging it all off. But what's going on is flat wrong and sends the worst signal possible. But I doubt that the Dallas Safari Club will back off. People who live in Dallas usually don't say they live in Texas, that they live in Dallas, as if the city were a country unto itself and immune to the outside world. Sad, eh?

    1. Thanks for the visit, Kittie. Yeah, that Namibia thing's got my stomach all tied up in knots. You're right, chances of them backing off aren't good... Still, I can't keep quiet, and I'm glad you're like that, too :)

  3. I was going to ask what that was until I read your explanation in answer to Lotta's comment. Very abstract and interesting!

  4. LOVE this picture! I can't quite pick out what makes it so great, it must just be the entire thing! Excellent!


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