Monday, January 20, 2014

Top Photos of 2013 -- #1

This was hard. Much, much harder than I thought. Number 1 of the Kuantan blog's Top 20 Challenge:

July 2013, Amsterdam

There's an untold story here. A story which I, as a passerby, don't know and never will.
That's what captivated me here. It will be forever unknowable, won't it, the reason why this
toy ostrich was abandoned on a front step in a busy city. Where is the child that played with it?
The toy has no means of expression, but its forlorness cried out to me anyway.
The moment made me respond viscerally, and because it was so random, it became special.

I've so enjoyed this challenge. Thank you to Duncan of the Kuantan blog for hosting it, and for the wonderful photographers that shared the best of your 2013 with us. Loved it, and look forward to your Best of 2014 :)


  1. Hey.
    Yes of course it hurts when you see a lost snippet toy.
    The poor child had certainly hard to fall asleep at night.
    I know.
    Our one grandson lost his comforters donkey on a holiday.
    He was totally destroyed so his aunt checked online and found almost spot on one of those.
    She bought it and gave it to him.
    You can believe that he was glad.
    The picture says it all.
    The toy is missing his friends too. Was so sure.
    Yes that was the end of that time.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.
    Maybe it will be a continuation next year.
    Who knows.
    Have a real good day.

    1. Thank you, Lotta, for understanding. Sometimes I feel somewhat emotionally retarded (or overdeveloped, depending on how you see it) for having such strong responses to things... especially inanimate things :) Thank you for visiting, too, and for taking the time to comment--in English! I so appreciate it, Lotta, and I look forward to staying in touch via our blogs throughout the year.

  2. These are those little things lying around in the street which only those who really look will notice. I wonder if the toy is intentionally left behind because the child had a new one, the child lost it.. This is a trivial one with a sense of isolation..

    1. "A sense of isolation"--that's exactly what this photo conveys to me, and I couldn't figure out how to say it. Kinda sad, since I'm a writer :D Thanks for the visit!

  3. First of all Guilie, thank you so much for joining this little blog hop! It has been much fun getting to know you a little and admire your photos. Very grateful for your presence on the blogs of others in this 20-day challenge and your thoughtful comments.

    I really like your top photo. I find myself asking the same questions. Our baby daughter somehow lost a sock while we were out and that too would have been lying abandoned somewhere. A very intriguing final photo.

  4. Interesting story.
    Well, it's been good getting to know you and thank you for your lovely comments, Guilie. Will definitely stop-by from time to time to see your new updates.


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