Monday, January 6, 2014

The search (words) for Quiet Laughter

I've often wondered how people find my blog. Not the other bloggers, the ones I visit, or the ones who follow people I follow and find one of my comments, or who click on a link provided by a blogger in their blogroll or whatever. Not the readers of litmags where I might have published something, or friends on Twitter or Facebook that follow the links I or others have shared. Those Blogger is really good about providing stats: referring websites and URLs, so on.

But among those is the ever-present And that piques my curiosity. Sure, lots will be people--like my darling, beloved partner, who doesn't do blogs and finds mine, probably just to check if I've written something nasty about him, by typing in guilie castillo in his browser (see item #3 in the list above)--that don't use blogrolls and haven't bookmarked Quiet Laughter. Or they know people I've blogged about (like friends and family of Ad van Berchum, see items #1 and #7).

But then there's the really random. The all-time most popular searchword for my blog is kidnapping (or kidnap, or variations therewith), which is absolutely terrifying. Who googles "kidnap"? For what possible law-abiding purpose would anyone google "kidnap"? And then there's carpe diem, which I find flattering. YES, I believe in Carpe Diem, and I'm glad the mystery algorithms of meta-data have figured it out.

And then there's stuff like miss bennys tiping class, which cracks me up. Tipping--as in cow tipping? Or as in tucking in dollar bills under thong strings? I do believe I've blogged about Miss Benny's TYPING class--but it can't have been more than once or twice. So the question remains: was the person who typed that in Miss Benny's class, too? Or is there a Miss Benny that teaches cow tipping--or strip club etiquette?

Blogging, people, is fun.


  1. HA! Your last paragraph cracked me up. Perhaps there is a class for teaching strip club etiquette, or even one on how to cow tip. People have to learn those things somewhere right? Miss Benny must be just the person to teach them!

  2. Miss Benny's tipping class? I love it.

    Because I write about everyday mayhem, random searches that find my blog most often want to know if they can cook a pork loin in pyrex. Hopefully after they come across the picture I posted showing exactly how many teeny, tiny pieces hot pyrex explodes into when it comes into sudden contact with cold water they've opted for their metal roasting pan instead. PSA indeed!

    I still say if you've never vacuumed out your oven it isn't truly clean!


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